I can't find the tracking number on my order. Is it normal?
I mail my prints using the good ol' letter mail option and Canada Post does not provide a tracking number for this kind of shipping method. Trust me, 99% of the enveloppes make it to destination :) 

What if it doesn't? It's been X amount of days since I ordered.

A letter is considered "lost" after 3 months. But if you're in a relatively populated area of Canada or the States, please write me if the print hasn't arrived after 4 weeks and we'll figure something out.

Can I get a bigger size?
No, sorry. Shipping big prints takes supplies and precautions I don't longer feel like dealing with anymore. I'd rather send a smaller letter-size print and be sure it travels safely than to risk having bigger prints bent or damaged.

Do you hold sales during the year?
Yup! I always have a big Thanksgiving/Holiday sale but I'll have spontaneous sales once in a while. The best way to stay informed is to sign up for my newsletter or better yet, subscribe to my Patreon! Patrons get dibs!

Be honest. Do the prints look good in real life or did you Photoshop'em to be pretty on screen?
I've been going to the same printer for almost ten years, so I've come to be pretty comfortable with the process. They look really good :P

How does local pickup work?
Free pickup is available for books only, since they are the most expensive to ship. You can email me using the contact form and we can set up a pickup date. I'm in Montreal, in the east end.
Where can I see more of your art?
Just head on over to my portfolio. You'll find tons of artwork, an old fashion blog and some more FAQs. I love FAQs.